Anna Haven offers products of high performance, that are developed
and grounded on three factors considered essential for the hair care
of the women: Protection (Thermal, UVA and UVB), Treatment and
Cosmeceutical; that provides therapeutical actions, taking care of the
scalp’s health and all the hair extension.

All of our products were strictly tested to facilitate the work of the
beauty professional and provide better results.

Get to know the fastest-growing products line in the world.

Discover Anna Haven.

Our History

The president of Anna Haven, Rodolfo B Gosi, founded the Brazil Cosmetics Institute in November 2001, offering solutions in cosmetic outsourcing to the market.

In 2011, Anna Haven was born, with the initial proposal to offer products of daily use, but it was in 2012, after identifying a necessity of the market, Anna Haven launched the first non-formaldehyde sealing of Brazil, with visibility throughout the national network through the program small companies Big business of Rede Globo television.

Currently, the brand has a portfolio of more than 60 products, ranging from treatments, transformations, technology to coloring, home care, and more.

Fundamentals All products of Anna Haven are developed based on three factors considered essential for the care of the hair of the Brazilian woman. They are:

Cosmeceutical – The technology Cosmeceutic Anna Haven presents a new perspective for products of professional use. Anna Haven worries about the health of the hair since its formation and a healthy hair depends directly on the health of the scalp. The combination of bioactives with therapeutic action found in all lines of the brand that takes care of the health of the scalp, which results in a healthy hair, determining the speed of growth, brightness, control of fall and resistance of the wires.
Treatment – Different from the common cosmetics, which have only aesthetic function and superficial action, the products of Anna Haven present a series of active principles that deal with the whole structure of the yarn (root, cuticle, marrow and cortex) recovering damage and making the wires each time More nourished, restoring capillary mass and brightness to each application.

Thermal protection (Thermo-activated) – The hair of the Brazilian woman is constantly exposed to high temperatures, both by the tropical climate, which is prevalent in the country, as for the culture of exaggerated use of surfboards and dryers. Thinking about this, Anna Haven has included in all brand products, activation and thermal protection, UVA and UVB that prevents the wires against the damage caused by frequent heating, use of brushes and cauterizations with planks.

Our Mission

Manufacture high quality products, preserving excellence with total sophistication and technological innovation. Offering the most advanced in capillary treatment, providing differentiated attendance and the best products in the country.

Our Vision

We aim to meet with excellence the interest of each of our employees, the motivation of each of our representatives and the full satisfaction of our consumers.

Our Values

Integrity, respect, results and transparency.
Love the brand, teamwork, Pro activity, quality, ethics and respect.

Our Tecnologies


Anna Haven offers a new perspective for cosmetics for professional use. Cosmetic, by definition, have only beautifying function and surface action. The Cosmeceutic Technology Anna Haven presents bioactive that benefit the skin of the scalp, bulb and capillary fiber. The benefits are many, directly and indirectly. The healthy scalp determines the strength, healthy growth, brightness, controlled drop and wire resistance.


Exclusivity Anna Haven operates in all areas of the wire correcting severe damage mainly caused by oxidative processes. Straightening, coloring, discoloration, UV radiation exposure cause damage to cellular cement and protein denaturation. Such damage can be irreversible, causing weight loss and breakage of the wire. Lipomax Nutrix engaged in internal and external regeneration effectively wire, replenishing essential nutrients and compounds for wire integrity.


Its function is to enhance the repair and treatment of hair at the cellular level. Its composition has alpha-hydroxy acids, amino acid precursors that act synergistically with other repairers assets. With low molecular weight and high ionic charge, is directly involved in ionic bonding of the threads, allowing an intense restoration.


Developed by Anna Haven has a key role in wiring integrity protection and maintenance. Technology Re-Cover System combines lipids and high affinity polymers with wires, able to perform the same function as the natural lipid barrier, but tougher. Through Re-Cover System action hairs are resistant to effectively wear. Sensory promotes shine, water retention, ease and smoothness with immediate action.


Technology comprising sericin nanoparticles. It comprises cationic nanoparticles of sericin. These nanoparticles adhere to the surface of the hair cuticle promoting sealing and replacement of protein mass. The result is a greater wire surface coverage capability, with extreme precision and even distribution, without smears the hair repairing damaged scales and generating brightness as a result of surface effects of deposited nanoparticles.

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