Carbon Life

With Mentha piperita assets and ginger extract that cool the scalp region, where the hair is produced, increasing the blood circulation, which stimulates the capillary follicles. Daily use promotes reconstruction and balance of the scalp effectively. It purifies and balances the oiliness, helps in healthy growth.

Indication: Oily hair, lifeless and worn out.

This line contains: Fresh Shampoo Home Care 300ml; Quick Mask Home Care 300ml.


stressed maintenance line. Deep recovery of damage to hair-sensitized chemical processes.

Indication: fragile, compromised and sensitized hair.

This line contains: Anti Stress Shampoo 300ml; Full conditioner 300ml.

Red Fruit

Rich in vitamins A, B and C, it acts in the replacement of the lipid layer of yarn, promotes strengthening, prevents aging and falling. It cleans the hair and scalp without damaging its structures, improves the health of the skin and extends the life of the wires. Powerful antioxidant that assists in the protection of color. Use after chemical treatments to get incredibly hydrated hair.

Indication: dry, dry, damaged and chemically treated hair.

This line contains: Red fruit Shampoo 300ml; Conditioner Red Fruit 300ml.



Clean and condition gently. It balances the pH. Strong hair, visibly treated and with prolonged brightness.

Indication: normal hair.

This line contains: Shampoo Mandioca 500ml; Conditioner Mandioca 500ml.

Spa Advanced

Complete Pós-progressivas treatment and straightenings. It strengthens and protects. In addition to moisturize, recover and protect against damage.

Indication: To prolong the effect of progressives and straightenings.

This line contains: Post-Progressive Shampoo 300ml; Post-Progressive Conditioner 300ml.

Platinum Touch

Maintains iridescent and grayish reflections. Ideal deyellower for blond hair, coloured, discolored, white, light or with wicks.

Indication: Blond hair, grey, light and with Wicks.

This line contains: Platinum Shampoo 250ml; Platinum Mask 250ml.

Infusion Treatment

An infusion of the macadamia and Argan oils that will nourish deeply, besides providing smoothness and eliminating roughness.

Indication: Dry and damaged hair.

This line contains: Creamy Shampoo 300ml; Deep conditioner 300ml.

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