Transformation and Treatment Lines.


Complete treatment system: Rebuilds, Hydrates and Nourishes in only 01 treatment. Suitable for any type of hair. Compatible with any color and transformation process. Immediate result. Corrective and preventive action. Intense replenishment of mass, strengthens severely damaged hair. Intense thermal protection even at high temperatures.

Antistress Shampoo

Purifies and removes waste from finalizers and oiliness. Cleans selectively without damaging the wires. Controlled opening of cuticles allows the use even in smoothed hair, with progressive and colorful.

Protein Capillary Replenisher

Protein fraction. Rich in enzymes and amino acids, it penetrates deep into the wires immediately restoring the lesions caused by physico-chemical damage.

Full Mask

High-impact mask. It acts by filling faults in the capillary mass. Nourishes during the restoration, making the hair firmer, resistant and malleable.

Finish Repair

Finisher without rinsing, it acts by sealing the fiber, replacing the lipid hydro fraction and restoring the cohesion of the scales, promoting brightness, silkiness and protection against physico-chemical damage.

Carbon Life

Cosmeceutic Detox Treatment that favors the irrigation of the capillary bulb. Proven effectiveness in the fight against the fall and aid in the healthy growth of yarns. Suitable for oily hair, leather with alopecia, dermatitis and seborrhea. It thoroughly detoxifies the scalp and yarn. In just 5 weeks* results that you will be able to prove.

Contains: thermal protection, botanical extracts, ginger, semi di Lino and para chestnut.
Yields 50 applications on average.

* Weekly use of professional line and daily use of home care line + hair tonic.

Deep Cleansing Balm

Step 1: Thorough and selective cleaning. Removes impurities, purifies and dilates the cuticles for greater effectiveness of treatment. It does not dry out and does not weaken even the most damaged hair. pH 6.8

Fresh Shampoo

Step 2: Shampoo Cosmeceutic treatment. Promotes refreshing, toning, regenerates, balances and nourishes from the scalp to the ends of the wires. pH 5.8.

Mask Revitalizing

Step 3: Revitalizing mask promotes intense regeneration in the sensitized wires. Assists in the regeneration of the capillary mass. pH 3.5.

Intensive Conditioner

Step 4: cosmeceutical action Conditioner. It operates by restoring the lipid hydro fraction of the scalp and yarn. Refreshing and invigorating action. pH 2.5.

Hair Tonic Carbon Life

Capillary Tonic: It acts on the peripheral microcirculation of the scalp stimulating growth. PH 6.8.

Keratin Intense Protein

With two revolutionary blends, whose function is to negate the negative effects of Proliss/nitric glyoxylic, eliminating the main problem of yellowing and the broom effect, leaves the hair and scalp with an incredible and totally healthy movement. This technology has promoted the level of product functionality to two protocols: progressive alignment and definitive alignment.

Technologies: Lipomax – HH Amino Hydro and Lipomax – Coco amino Defriss.

indicated: virgin/thick or extremely resistant hair and fine/chemically treated/damaged hair.

Sealing Hair Conditioner

Natural smooth effect. Deep hydration and preservation of the wire structure. Silky hair, soft and with intense brightness.

Indicated: virgin/thick or extremely resistant hair and fine/chemically treated/damaged hair.

Deep Cleansing Balm

Waste removal, intense cuticle opening for correct treatment action. Don’t damage your hair.

Silver Touch Ampole

Its cosmeceutical formula guarantees deep hydration, in addition to the violet pigments that tint the yellowish tones caused by the natural oxidation of the blond hair, with lights or grays.

Spa Advanced

High concentration of thermal protector. Prevents wear of wires by heat action. It doesn’t dry the wires. Safe and practical application. High yield. Versatile formula allows for the execution of different techniques.

Technologies: Heat Control, Pro-Fiber, Hidrocistein.

Conditioning Sealing

It acts in the protein fraction through the negative oxidation makes the sulfide bridges malleable for the formation of a new form more aligned and with reduced volume.

Deep Cleaning Balm

Waste removal, intense cuticle opening for correct treatment action. Don’t damage your hair. pH 7.8.

Platinum Touch

Tinting and correction of yellowish and undesirable tones. Intensifies platinum, iridescent and grayish reflections. Compatible with any process. does not dry the wires, contains high hydration power.

Platinum Touch Shampoo

It has a high concentration of pigments. Tinting and neutralizes unwanted tones quickly. Promotes a rich foam softener. It doesn’t dry the wires. pH 5.8.

Platinum Touch Mask

Illuminates and intensifies iridescent, platinum and grayish reflections. Complements the Matizadora action of the shampoo. Specially developed to replenish essential nutrients for the health of the hair. pH 3.5.

Smart Reverse

Total reversal of damage by progressives and chemical processes. Reverses the damage caused by the action of time combating the aging of the wires. Anti action.

Cleansing Balm

This product has assets to preserve to the maximum the structure of the damaged hair already in the first phase of the treatment. With a homogeneous feathering characteristic of the moisturizing creams that give the feeling of softness and the assets to combat the fall and restoration of the balance of the scalp.


It can stop any remnants of previous chemicals because it acts directly in the neutralization of the pH of the hair. It involves the fiber in amino acids and protein of silk, proposes the replacement lipid of the necessary wires for water retention essential for structural health and the brightness of them.

Power Mask

able to provide mass and new appearance to the hair. It does not save on resources coming from the plant extracts and butters and mainly from Provitamin B5 (D-Panthenol).

Styler Creamy

Cosmecêutico Finalizer. It has the most complete chain of essential fatty acids for maintenance of the previous phases of this treatment. It also contains provitamin B5 (D-Panthenol), all of which has been harmonized with silicone facilitators of brushing and the efficacy of thermal protection.  Luminosity effect.

Infusion Treatment

Intense hydration, strengthening, dry hair nutrition and pores from the root to the tips.  Quick action. High hydration load in just two steps. Preventive and corrective action.

Creamy Shampoo

Formulated with cosmeceutical basis, selectively clean without damaging or resecting the wires. pH 6.0

Deep Mask

Intense treatment of dry and porous hair recovery. They moisturize and revitalize the yarns by developing balance and brightness. pH 3.0.

Macadamia Oil

Fusion of macadamia and argan oils, moisture shield, flawless finish and matte effect. can be used with dry hair.

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